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Naprapath is a therapist who is skilled in healing therapy, and he studied naprapathy. A naprapath is a physical therapist treat by manipulating the muscle tissues and adjoining muscles by dietary change. Dietary changes help to regenerate the tissues of the body. Naprapath doctors ask about the health history and examine the physical disability. Naprapath Oslo doctors ask about your eating habits, nutrition intake, and stress level to treat you better. Naprapath Oslo physician heals the whole body to perform better.

Naprapathy is a healing method of joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments become resilient when a Naprapath Oslo treat it. Naprapath Oslo treats gently by manipulating tissues with hands to release tension and restoring balance. The area affected by unhealthy connective tissue is usually lower back, neck, or shoulder pain, spine pain. The most unbearable pain in the spine connective tissue, so the Naprapath Oslo treat it gently. A person with poor posture of sitting, aging, an accident, or daily wear and tear can cause degenerate the spinal nerve ligaments.

Naprapath Oslo

How the Naprapath treat you?

Naprapath Oslo physician locates the ligaments to ease the patient. The contraction in the muscle, tissue, or ligament will usually manipulate to relax the nerve for function. People who have joints and muscles problem should visit a naprapath who will diagnose treat and regenerate the musculoskeletal disorder.

  • A Naprapath manipulating the joints, stretching and massaging the targeted part of the body to relax the body. The pain or inflammation in the affected area by massaging increases the circulation of blood and lymph to relax the nerve.
  • Connective tissue imbalance can be caused by specific activity include; connective tissue disorder, car accident or injury, a sports injury. Excessive use of the computer, laptop, or mobile in the wrong position, heavy lifting may cause neck problems or back pain problems.

First visit to Naprapath

A naprapath interviews your previous medical history. Naprapath examine your condition and then diagnose and reduce the resistance, so you become better functionally. Naprapath Oslo always looks entirety, and the physical and social factors cause pain or discomfort. 

  • A Naprapath is an expert in hand on exercise and uses their own hands in a variety of treatment techniques. Naprapaths manipulates and mobilizes the connective tissues of the targeted area by stretching the soft body parts.
  • Naprapaths diagnoses or prevents the condition of pain and contracted parts to relax by Naprapathic treatment.
  • Naprapathic gives you a diet plan and home exercise to become nutritious healthy and help recover your painful part because your shoulder pain or back pain is mostly due to an unhealthy diet or lack of nutrition from diet.

How Naprapath treats you

  • Naprapaths manually treats the patient by manipulating the tissues of the spines, joints, and articulations of the body.
  • Naprapaths recommends a dietary change, food supplements, vitamins, and minerals to achieve good health and minimize healing.
  • Naprapaths gives you home physical exercise, and they also do ultrasonic or electric stimulation therapy if the body muscles seem dead. Naprapath are licensed physicians; they are suitable for your health.


Naprapaths treats the whole body manually and other medical approaches. Naprapath suggests you some tips and physical activities. Pain in the joints or muscles may weaken the muscles and gradually become unable to lift any weight. So the treatment to strengthen muscles is necessary, so physical exercises recommended by Naprapath Oslo will make your bones, joints more stable and mobile.

Sometimes you can’t visit a naprapath; then home exercise is the best thing you can do. You can consult a Naprapath through online call and talk to them about your condition. Walking is the best and healthy thing you can do every day at least 15 minutes to stay strong and healthy until death. Morning walk has its benefits that cannot be neglected.

You can find more information at Norway Naprapat Association.